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Power Designers USA LLC leads the motive industrial battery market with its battery charging technologies, monitoring programs, and infrastructure management solutions. Power Designers provides battery chargers, charger accessories and battery monitoring software designed to enhance battery performance while providing customers with cost savings through energy efficiency, reduced capital costs, and improved labor productivity. Our products utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver an efficient and compact product that far outperforms our competitors.

Power Designers USA LLC offers a complete line of battery charger solutions including high frequency conventional, opportunity, and fast battery chargers,  battery monitoring systems, and a web-based battery charger communication system.

Latest News

How To Calculate Battery Charger Sizes for Motive Equipment

What information is needed to size a forklift battery charger? You will need the following information when sizing a fork truck battery charger; battery voltage, capacity and charging rate. Voltage: The battery voltage is the “Electrical Pressure” required to push the charge out of the battery. The voltage (V) rating…

National Forklift Safety Day

National Forklift Safety Day, sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association, will serves as a focal point for manufacturers to highlight the safe use of forklifts and importance of operator training. This day provides an opportunity for the industry to educate customers, policymakers and the administration on forklift operating safety practices….

Happy Earth Day! Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Published April 22, 2015 In addition to increased productivity, asset utilization, and plant safety, a REVOLUTION high frequency charging solution can have an immediate and substantial impact on reducing the carbon footprint of your facility. The REVOLUTION Series is an innovative line of ultra-high frequency battery chargers that incorporates cutting…

Join Power Designers at PROMAT 2015

Published January 23, 2015 Power Designers was the first to design and develop modular high frequency chargers and continues to listen to its customers to make modular chargers better. With the development of our new line of REVOLUTION modular chargers, Power Designers has the charger solution that fits your specific…

Power Designers USA LLC presented at The Battery Show

Published on September 4, 2014 Power Designers USA LLC presented at the Battery Show in Novi, Michigan. Power Designers CEO Kevin Morrow will be presenting on fast charging for industrial, off-highway applications such as forklifts, pallet loaders and airport ground support equipment. He will explore the following¬† key topics: What…

Let the REVOLUTION Begin at CeMat 2014

Power Designers will be showcasing it newest innovation, the Revolution series at CeMat 2014. The show will be from May 19-23, 2014 in Hannover, Germany. Power Designers will be exhibiting its REVOLUTION charger series that spans conventional, opportunity, and fast charging applications. The REVOLUTION series is the first full line…

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