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A New Era in Charging Technology

Energy efficiencies exceeding all current charging technology that will revolutionize electric motive power.

The REVOLUTION series line of chargers features total charge cycle efficiencies greater than 90% with efficiencies peaking around 92%. This means significantly reduced energy use and decreased energy costs compared to other current technologies.

Output Power

The higher total charge cycle efficiency achieved by the REVOLUTION chargers results in the lowest energy cost per charge cycle in the industry. For a typical 36V/850Ahr battery, this savings translates into ~1.5 kWhr per charge cycle, or greater than 400 kWHr per year per battery.Today’s conventional chargers tout efficiencies of 90% and higher, but this figure refers only to the peak efficiency measured during a very limited portion of the charge cycle. Typically, charging efficiencies are significantly lower during the beginning of the charge cycle and especially during the end of the charge cycle. As a result, the overall charge cycle efficiency of most High Frequency (HF) chargers is less than 85%.

The REVOLUTION line of chargers employs a patent pending technology that maintains a charging efficiency greater than 90% over the entire charge cycle. In addition, the REVOLUTION chargers exceed 92% efficiency during the peak of the charge cycle. Very high overall and peak efficiencies result in true energy savings 6% greater than current leading HF chargers.

The REVOLUTION charger series spans conventional, opportunity, and fast charging applications.

REVOLUTION Series Battery Chargers Product Brochure