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Power Designers leads the motive industrial battery market with a a complete line of battery charger solutions consisting of high frequency conventional, opportunity, and fast battery chargers. Power Designers’ energy management products also include remote battery and charger monitoring systems and an innovative new line of smart chargers. We are committed to bringing innovation, quality, and service to the material handling industry.


232x101_REVOLUTION 232x101_PowerTrac 232x101_PowerChargeNET
The REVOLUTION series is Power Designers’ new line of smart chargers and the first full line of smart battery chargers with total charge cycle efficiencies greater than 90% and peak efficiencies exceeding 92%.

The PowerTrac Series is a battery monitoring system developed specifically to meet the needs of industrial and motive battery systems. The battery monitor tracks and logs critical battery performance data.



PowerCharge.NET is a web-based charging and communication system designed to improve fleet productivity. This powerful fleet management tool collects battery and charger data and converts it into actionable information.



232x101_PowerCycle 232x101_PowerChargeXP
The PowerCycle is a battery discharger with 20kW battery cycler/conditioner charger.
The PowerCycle reduces sulfate buildup to prolong the life and maintain the capacity of
your batteries.
The PowerCharge line of high frequency battery chargers features state-of-the art MOSFET/IGBT high frequency technologies resulting in higher efficiencies, smaller sizes, and lighter weight units.
Save valuable space and protect your charger by putting them on a stand. Power Designers offers rack/shelf stands and floor stands.  The stands provide a safe and convenient location for your battery chargers.