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XP High Frequency Battery Charger

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xp1The PowerCharge XP Series is a line of intelligent, high frequency, and modular fast chargers for electric forklift trucks and vehicles. Designed to meet the growing fast charging demand of motive power batteries, the PowerCharge XP was the first modular fast charger on the market. The modular design offers high availability, simpler installation and service, and greater flexibility and scalability for building and expanding any fast charger system.


  • Electric forklift trucks
  • Industrial mobile equipment
  • Electric ground support equipment (GSEs)xp2


  • Lower service and maintenance costs
  • Reduce energy costs by at least 10%
  • Avoid peak power demand penalties
  • Multi-vehicle capability streamlines service
  • Common user interface


Modular Drawer Designlcd-display

  • Flexible scalability and reconfiguration
    • 10kW base drawer unit for systems configured from 10kW-30kW
    • Easy upgrading/expanding applications by adding drawers
  • Highest Availability
    • Quick and easy removal and installation of charger drawers
      • Low down time
      • Quick service time
    • Multi-drawer system ensures continued operation down to last drawer

High efficiency MOSFET/IGBT technology

  • Yields very high electrical efficiencies (lower energy bills)
    • Innovative design utilizing IGBTs and MOSFETS
    • Uses high frequency transformer in lieu of the bulky 60Hz transformers used in all competitive fast chargers.

Easily customizable

  • Superior programming capabilities
    • Chargers can be programmed for any truck or battery
  • Highly intelligent user interface

Remote Management

  • Use patented battery monitors, including the PowerTrac SP+, to optimize vehicle and battery use and to manage batteries, chargers, and vehicles remotely through the web-based application, PowerCharge NET.

Integrated Peak Power Management

  • Chargers can be programmed for limited or no use during Peak Hours.


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